[un_hero_head_1 size=”h1″ use_icon=”true” title=”Artikarya by Giclee Art” description=”Malaysia’s Pioneering Art Reproduction & Incubation Platform.

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Our Mission

[un_service_3 icon=”un-l-icon-uni6C” title=”TALENT SCOUTING & DEVELOPMENT” description=”With the initial pilot program comprising of 15 creative talents, we continually seek out new talents to join us.”]
[un_service_3 icon=”un-l-icon-uni13C” title=”ART REPRODUCTION & ARCHIVING” description=”To scan and reproduce works of the artists and photographers, to be printed in high quality digital prints and royalty fee managed.”]
[un_service_3 icon=”un-l-icon-uniE13E” title=”COMMERCIALIZATION” description=”All works shall be made available on high quality giclee prints, in limited editions. We collaborate with industry leading brands to promote these works both domestically and globally.” info_special=””]
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[un_hero_head_1 size=”h2″ margin=”un-m-b-30″ title=”The Mentors” description=”A panel comprising of four esteemed Masters to provide the necessary guidance , motivation and supervision throughout the duration of the project to ensure that the talents can reach a level of skill/mental maturity and commercialization, in line with our proposed direction and milestones. They also play an important role in the pre-qualification and selections of talents to suitable to be incubated in this program.” icon=”un-l-icon-uniE000″]
[un_service_1 title=”ALIAS KHAL” description=”Creative Director”]
[un_service_1 title=”SAM KARUNA” description=”Master Artist”]
[un_service_1 title=”EIFFEL CHONG” description=”Master Photographer”]
[un_service_1 title=”WESLEY WONG” description=”Master Printer
Project Coordinator” info_special=””]

Industry Partners & Collaborators

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[un_team_member name=”EIZO” tw=”#” fb=”#” image=”2760″]
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