A firm believer that everyone should have a creative outlet, Valery Koh (1995) found her truest form of self-expression through analog and digital mixed media collages.

“The coming together of somewhat or completely discrete pieces to tell a story” is something that has always attracted Valery to the art form. She initially learnt to collage by replicating digital collages found on Tumblr and watching YouTube tutorials, before attempting to create her own.

What started off as something Valery only practiced during her free time has since transformed into a practice she dedicates time to. A fan of the old classic look, her art incorporates “nature, vintage pieces or hand-me-down materials” that she finds.

At this stage in her life, Valery says that her new experiences and (sometimes foreign) emotions are ultimately translated into her collages. She tries to relate to others through these visual stories and expressions, and finds it powerful to be able to connect to people without words. By knowing that someone out there understands—and is possibly going through the same thing—brings her comfort.

In the future, Valery hopes to explore topics that go beyond herself.

Currently in her final-year at university, Valery is studying for a BA (Hons) in Advertising and Design and works as a part-time graphic designer. She is aiming to become a full-time artist.

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