A recent graduate of Universiti Selangor, Sam (1996) works as a full-time photographer within several fields.

Although anyone can take pictures, he believes that not everyone can use photography to capture feelings. For Sam, photography is about communication beyond words, and he prefers to do this through photographing his subjects in natural light.

Photography is something Sam feels destined to pursue. His late-grandfather was a forensic photographer, and this discovery —and the cameras left behind—was what piqued his interest. Through photography, he feels connected to the grandfather he never met, and credits his mother for supporting his creative nature.

Sam recalls being into the visual arts ever since he was young. Brought up in Melaka, Sam loved performing and was one of the first few batches of students to be accepted into the newly established Sekolah Seni Malaysia (Malaysian Arts School) in Johor Bahru.

At the boarding school, he explored several visual arts before choosing to focus on graphic design in his final years. With encouragement from his parents, Sam continued his studies with photography at university, with the aim of developing his skill set and expanding his opportunities.

His mother is one of his biggest inspirations, and losing her is an experience Sam is still learning to overcome. Through his project Mi Madré, Sam uses fine art photography with “a touch of photojournalism” to express and feel himself through it.

Although Sam works within several photography fields, his rebellious spirit is most drawn to photojournalism and the sense of change it can invoke. In the future he hopes to photograph for international news agencies and tell stories behind the frontline.

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