2017 was a life-changing year for Shereen Sukha (1977): she quit her job in Human Resources, jumped into volunteering, and got involved in the local arts scene. As Shereen continued exploring her inner callings, she attended a loose floral workshop and found her passion for watercolours.

“Something deep inside started to fill up my interest and soul, and I caught the instinctive feeling to develop this budding passion to the next level.” Since then Shereen has been practicing her craft daily, ensuring she has time to paint or visualise the pieces she wants to create.

“Fail fast, and keep moving forward,” she says, daily practice helps her develop her skills and keep the fire burning.”

Currently in a period of transition between wrapping up her full-time corporate career, her personal projects, and working on herself as an artist, Shereen is currently focusing on landscape art and the occasional abstract pieces. She continues to experiment with paints and finds joy in using handmade paints made by small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Her personal projects involve working in art related and youth development programmes to promote art and entrepreneurship. In the future, she hopes to share her experiences and skills with the next generation of watercolorists.

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