Fascinated by the human psyche, Rekha Menon’s (1976) artworks offer glimpses into the emotions and memories she believes we experience as multi-faceted beings.

Her abstract works are highly intuitive and strangely intimate: they leave space for viewers to explore ideas and feelings within, and seek to delve into the mysteries of the subconscious mind.

As a child, Rekha believed in fairytales, magic and dimensional spaces—ideas she continues to revisit through her art—and believes in the powerful and symbiotic synergy we have with nature. She also believes spirituality is innate in all human beings.

Rekha’s unique imagination is reflected in her bright and colourful paintings that exude a stream of conscious expression, backed by an unusual rhythm. The lines, shapes, patterns, symbols and shadings act as distinct elements in her artwork to create a plethora of expressions and feelings.

As her works continues to evolve through her skills and experiences, Rekha sees her journey as one of pure self-discovery. To date, her paintings have been showcased at international platforms in Italy, Japan, Singapore and Thailand.

She hopes to share her work with a wider audience and collaborate with other artists in the future. Through forming key partnerships with fellow artists, she also hopes to “bring the love and knowledge of Visual Arts to both kids and adults alike.”

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