A strong believer in every life being a work of art, Lena Lim (1977) tries not to hold herself back with titles. Her work crosses multiple platforms and are born from intuition and the energy that is communicated to her. She produces fine art paintings and performance arts pieces, and has incorporated the two principles in her Dance in Energy painting.

‘Explore, experiment, express’, Lena’s works are not limited to a particular medium or channel, but always contain the underlying message of life, transcendence and creation. She believes that art can act as as a mirror and reveals a person’s inner workings through their interpretations.

A certified Life Coach, Lena is obsessed with the human potential, and the behaviours and motivations of people. She is passionate about conscious living and has surrendered to being life’s passenger, embracing everything that come her way.

Besides working to truly embrace life’s art—and learn to make more ‘correct’ choices at a given point in time—Lena hopes to channel more of her energy through performance art.

Lena has exhibited and performed her work at various venues across the Klang Valley since 2013.

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