Born into a family of artist, Jason Min was exposed to art at a young age. His educational background is in business administration and he currently works on his paintings part-time.

Jason uses a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods in his artwork. He enjoys playing with “alternative aesthetics” and has created several series by painting on unconventional materials such as recycled paper cups, leaves, eggs, and recycled paper and canvas. His works are creatively fuelled and often touch on environmental protection.

Also known as ‘matches man’ or ‘火柴人’, his nickname is derived from his painting, ‘The Little Matches’. The artwork is based on his philosophy of life, the story of his late-sister, and his father’s story about smoking: “It seem to be very long , but in fact life is running too fast and short. If you don’t live in the present or appreciate it, you will be the same as the philosophy of a matches’ life.”

Jason has exhibited his works in Malaysia and abroad since 2013. He continues to explore and develop his creativity.

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