Jack Yong (1994) is a full-time product photographer who spends his free time on personal projects.

Born in Selangor, Jack graduated with a BA (Hons) Creative Imaging in Digital Photography from Limkokwing University of Creative Innovation in 2016. He was inspired to pick up the camera after being awed by the photographs he saw in National Geographic magazine, and started photographing in 2009. He uses the medium to carefully observe the world around him.

Fascinated by the camera’s ability to ‘control’ time in a fast paced world—and function as an extension of his peripheral vision—he is currently drawn to themes of invisibility, science and mortality.

Jack notes that his interest in exploring these themes can be partly attributed to the films and tv shows he grew up watching. The X-Files is one of his favourite series and the ideas he is attracted to overlap with the themes present in the show. While the show’s detectives seek to find the truth in the mysterious and often supernatural X-File cases, Jack is captivated by photography’s purpose in telling the truth and the distinction between reality and fantasy.

Although Jack does not see himself as a creative person, he enjoys the process of creating and looking at art. As a subject with no rules, he finds freedom in it and uses photography as a way of expressing himself.

He is currently working on his first mixed media piece about the MH17 incident.

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