After graduating with a degree in architecture from Iowa State University, Hasnul Hassan (1969) worked in several architecture firms in Kuala Lumpur until he decided to focus on a career as a photographer and artist. He has since worked as a photographer, graphic designer and videographer on an array of commercial and corporate assignments, and been appointed as creative director and consultant on various projects. In 2004, while trying to solve the problem of photographing long buildings, Hasnul came up with the Time Sequenced Segmented View (TSSV) method and created his first TSSV imagery of the Big School at The Malay College, Kuala Kangsar in 2005.”

TSSV—which involves stitching together approximately 50 photographs taken from morning to night—captures the passing of time and documents the quiet life of a building. The varying shadows, light and colours in Hasnul’s TSSV montages gives the building life and presents viewers with the rare opportunity to see its many ‘faces’.

Inspired by famous, recognisable and architecturally interesting buildings and structures, Hasnul aims to further perfect and develop his TSSV method.”

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