Elly Nor Suria (1983) is a contemporary artist from Terengganu.

Most of her works are based on ‘happy surroundings and happy colours’ and are a honest and pure interpretation of her life.

Once interested in expressionism and loud, vibrant colours, Elly’s style changed after becoming a mother. Her paintings mellowed and started to take on a whimsical feel. Elly says that that most of her artworks can now be described as “decorative naïve with a semi-abstract twist.”

The use of colours, lack of perspective and ‘unrealistic’ shapes makes naïve art a straight-forward and innocent approach which Elly finds freedom in. Her children and life are a big influence on her paintings, and she continues to develop her skills through exploring different techniques and mediums.

Since embracing naïve art, Elly has delved into visual narration and published two children’s picture books. Her art has also been exhibited in various art galleries across Malaysia.

Elly hopes her works will reach more people around the world. She also hopes to contribute to society through the development of the arts in Malaysia and through teaching art to children.

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