Charis Loke (1991) is an illustrator with a passion for storytelling. Drawing upon literature and visual culture, she depicts fictional worlds and current issues using traditional and digital media. Her work explores themes of conflict and contrast, wonder, diversity, and ‘what if?’ questions.


Born in Teluk Intan and raised in Seremban, Charis was drawn at a young age to the fictional worlds she read about. Illustrators and writers like Diane and Leo Dillon, Tolkien, Lat, and Rovina Cai number among her influencesShe completed her training in science but took courses in illustration, animation, medieval history and comparative literature to develop her passion.
Charis has sketched street protests and election campaigns, painted Regency-era fantasy, and is illustrating a game about kaki lima in George TownHer work has been recognised by the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, 3×3 Magazine, and exhibited in the US, UK, Nepal, and Malaysia.


The combination of problem-solving, research, and drawing required for good illustrations keeps Charis excited about her craftAs a fan of animation and video games, she also looks out for how virtual reality and tech will transform the way we make art and tell stories.
At present, her goal is to illustrate the best progressive science fiction and fantasy stories. She also aims to develop personal work that has roots in real experiences and issues.

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