About Artikarya

Talent Development & Art Reproduction for Emerging Visual Artists in Malaysia

Giclee Art Sdn Bhd is a grant recipient and partner of Yayasan Hasanah on the project entitled “Talent Development & Art Reproduction for Emerging Artists in Malaysia”. The objective of this program is to identify local creative talents in the field of visual art, photography and digital art, and incubate them through mentorship and development programs to bring their work to mass commercialization in both domestic and global markets through highest quality art reproduction and giclée prints.

This is a 12-month program involving the first (pilot) 15 Malaysian creative individuals who are not represented by any galleries. Some of them are not even formally trained in art but are highly talented and creative in their work. Our nation is truly blessed with a multi-racial culture, uniting us under a single identity, which we are proud to be called Malaysians. This exhibition showcases 150 prints of their works.

Art is a heritage. It promotes our culture and national unity. As we progress in the development of New Malaysia and towards Industry Revolution 4.0, art and creativity play a vital role in human resource and skill development.

We inspire each creative talent and artist to think like an entrepreneur. While entrepreneurship is often a “lonely journey”, we created a platform to enable them to leverage on it, providing support for market development, exhibition & promotion, skill development and education. Artikarya.my is not just a typical art portal and platform. We leverage on high quality reproduction prints to create a rapid go-to-market strategy to make their works known. This also addresses a few key issues:

1. To promote Malaysian artists when they are not known, and their original works not valued. In doing this, we also promote Malaysian art to the world.

2. “Blue Ocean Strategy”. We pitch and promote their works to consumers who would like to have a piece of nice work displayed in their homes or offices. We can also bring their works to corporate and hospitality industries such as hotels.

3. We keep the high resolution scans of each artwork which can be stored as our national archives, to be made available through a national digital art library.

Each Artikarya print is locally produced and handled by the Master Printer Wesley Wong. Every edition print will be tagged with RFID for secured identification and authentication. A ‘digital signature’ is signed online by the artist to ensure that the copy or edition print is genuine. This platform is designed to be scalable.

Our Mission


Includes artists, digital artist and photographers in Malaysia. By this we define ‘new and young’ to be individuals who are new in the visual art scene without any representation, profile or feature and have not had any (or very few) exhibited works in any public exhibitions, but are identified to possessed good potential for growth either with their skills and works, talents and vision for visual art development in the country. These talents are not limited by age but are open to Malaysians only.


To scan and reproduce works of the artists and photographers, to be printed in high quality digital prints, royalty fee managed.

The reproduction rights of the works is exclusive right to Giclee Art Sdn Bhd and Yayasan Hasanah; the rights to the works still belong to the individual artist.


Our “rapid-go-to-market” strategy for market development includes:

  • To pro-create derivative “fine art products” in high quality reproduction prints
  • To create a disruptive platform for artist promotion, showcase and commerce
  • To create an artist support system
  • To leverage upon brand-affiliation marketing for a global outreach
  • To help artists create a sustainable income